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I am Max Liao


Hi, my name is Max. I have a strong passion for everything related to film post-production and I enjoy collaborating with other creative filmmakers to create excellent work. I am eager to work in the movie industry, to do everything about post-production. I also want to learn and gain more experience in video editing, graphic designing, and storyboard and script production.

During my studies at QUT, I have learned to use Adobe PR, Indesign, and Photoshop. I have fully understood and applied the skills of editing, visual design theory, and visual communication theory; as well as how to make a film script and storyboard. My editing skills have gone through much practice, and now I can edit excellent videos that match the theme very well with the help of various editing techniques. My ability to design graphics has also gone through lots of experience, and now I can independently produce high-quality movie posters that fit the theme.

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