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My Portfolio

1. A suite of designs - as a Graphic Designer in LATE 2022

I worked individually to familiarize myself with Adobe Indesign and Illustrator. I was asked to develop a comprehensive promotional plan for a virtual client, including Instagram posts online, flyers offline, and outdoor billboards. Each design makes full use of the characteristics and advantages of each medium to convey the customer's appeal very well. Here I fully demonstrated my graphic design ability and excellent understanding and execution of visual communication theory. I got a High Distinction in this assessment which indicates that I am very proficient in graphic design.

2. A documentary - as an Editor and Scriptwriter in LATE 2022

I collaborated with two other film industry students to create a documentary about baristas, and we collaborated online through the use of various tools on different platforms to effectively collaborate.


This documentary was completed fully by us, from the initial topic selection to finding suitable shooting locations, script and camera design, to the final editing and music, all of which I participated in.


This is a documentary about a barista. We showcase the process of making a cup of coffee and a day in the life of a barista. We also explore why she chose to become a barista as her profession and the challenges she has encountered.


The production process of this documentary was very difficult because we were in a period of pandemic lockdown and had to collaborate online.

I fully demonstrated my ability to cooperate and communicate with other professionals. In this practice, I effectively familiarized myself with how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and practiced my video editing skills.

屏幕截图 2023-10-01 210607.png
屏幕截图 2023-10-01 210645.png
屏幕截图 2023-10-01 210710.png
屏幕截图 2023-10-01 210738.png
屏幕截图 2023-10-01 2106212.png
屏幕截图 2023-10-01 210657.png
屏幕截图 2023-10-01 210724.png

3. A short film proof of concept - as a Scriptwriter and draw storyboard in EARLY 2023


I was the leader of three student groups to create a proof of concept to turn a short into a genre feature film, setting tasks for them to do. 


The short film that inspired our POC short is Beantown, USA: this western/comedy short follows two cowboys fighting over the last can of beans (the drink of choice in this world) in their western town. This eventually leads to a standoff while playing on traditional Western tropes for comedic effect. We chose this story as it portrayed promise as a Western feature film with elements of comedy, a dramatic, character-driven narrative, and many visually distinct genre elements. It stood out as a creative take on the Western genre that could translate well into a feature format

The storyboard indicates the humor of the situation and indicate the passing of time

Western (2).png
Western (1).png

4. Two posters for a film - as a Graphic Designer in LATE 2023

I created two different and creative posters and taglines for a single film. The posters are all made in black and white and fully fit the theme of the film, which once again demonstrates my graphic design skills and my understanding of visual communication t


The posters will mainly focus on targeting the traditional Western audience. This creative work will perfectly fit the genre of the short film. At the same time, we can accurately target the audience and the market segment through below-the-line promotion methods.


Both posters in creative work use the design principles of emphasis and they are both produced in black and white. Both posters have obvious typical images of western cowboys and an aluminum can, which clearly expresses the main genre of this short film to his target audience, and accurately captures the target audience who likes western movies and plays a role in market segmentation. 

5. Video essay - as a Scriptwriter and editor in LATE 2023

Cooperated with another film student to make an analytical video essay, the video fully explains everything about the selected film, and makes full use of visual elements to show the film, and the visual elements used are very consistent with the theme of the selected film. the analytical work shows that I understand the knowledge of a film that is required by film industry workers, and I practice more about video editing.

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